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About Us

Founded in Montréal, Québec, Paparide Network is a one-of-a-kind sharing platform that offers four complementary services reinventing mobility as we know it. They provide everything you need for your next RIDE using state-of-the-art web and mobile platforms.

The Paparide Network is a new form of collaborative transportation inspired by the rapidly grow-ing "Sharing Economy”.

With PapaRide, any individual can rent a car nearby or get it delivered from a community of local car owners or neighbors who aren’t using them.

With PapaRideshare, we connect drivers with empty seats and passengers looking for a ride to share their city-to-city car journeys with total trust and confidence, creating a new collaborative transport network.

With PapaPark, we help parking lot owners, whether they are individuals, hotels, universities, airports or companies, to optimize the use of their parking spots and to contribute to making peo-ple’s lives just a little bit easier in the city. Through our platform, drivers can search and book a a parking spot at a cheaper price.

With Papabikes, we connect riders and bike owners to bring a bike share system to our communi-ty. Bike owners make extra money by renting their equipment to like-minded people, while renters choose from a variety of rides nearby at an affordable price.

Our platform gives everyone the opportunity to optimize the use of their personal vehicles, or to use other people’s vehicles for their own benefits by facilitating and enhancing the linking experi-ence between the users.

Our vision for the community is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road by promoting a new method of collaborative transportation. Our community is based on trust and reliability and built on honest exchanges between users. Therefore, we encourage members at the end of each rental to leave useful, relevant and honest comments about the member they shared their ride with as well as for the Paparide community in general.

We are convinced that this new method of collaborative transportation is more efficient and will improve the lives of millions of people, representing a real opportunity to generate income while being socially beneficial. Additionally, we strongly believe that it can create a positive impact for the planet with reduced traffic, less time wasted finding a parking spot, less CO2 emissions, and less stress for all of us.