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Assistant(e) Traffic et Community Management
Ma mission:
J'intègre une jeune et dynamique équipe en venant toujours à l'aide du Traffic Manager et du Responsable de la Communication.
Parmis d'autres tâches, je participe à la création de contenu pour notre blog.
Je fais me charge du marketing, en recherchant de nouvelles niches et de la prospection des partenaires potentiels pour améliorer notre SEO.
Je suis en charge de la présence quotidienne de Paparide et Papapark sur les réseaux sociaux, tels Facebook, Twitter, G+ et j'ai à préserver l'e-réputation du site.
J'adore animer des dialogues et je le ferai quotidiennement le lien avec les différentes communautés.

Mon Profil:
- J'ai une formation adéquate à ma mision
- J'aurais un atout si j'avais déjà un 1er stage réussi en e-marketing ou un start-up
- Je suis organisé(e), minitieux(se), dynamique, entreprenant(e) et autonome
- J'ai une maîtrise parfaite de l'ortographie
- On peut me faire confiance et mon équipe peut compter sur moi
- Le Web me passione et je suis motivé(e) pour travailler au sein d'une jeune équipe qui avance vite et se développe.

Statut: Stage d'une durée de 6 mois.
Début dès que possible.

Rémunération: Indemnité motivante en fonction de l'expérience.

Country Manager USA (France-Morocco as well)

Country Manager position
I am to be the first team member within the USA, where I have to open my office (starting in co-working space or equivalent).
I have to coordinate with the head office from Montréal and build a team around me.
My team will be composed of 2-3 top profiles that will help me to quickly grow Paparide's local usage.

My responsabilities:
- Product localization: I have to own the entire content, so to make it feel local for my customers. I shouldn't forget to adapt the service to local speicifities.
- Communication: I have to create interesting content, to push it to the journalists in order to make them create an amazing press coverage. I need to create contact and a good networking with the influencers - they will also help me engage my community.
- Business development: I need to get us visible throught partnerships and deals.
- Marketing: I will localize marketing acquisition campaigns. I will receive all the help needed from the company's team to create and execute winning local marketing strategies. I AM NOT ALONE !
- Quality: I need to provide the best quality on the local marketplace. I will moderate car listings and members so to make sure they meet our quality requirements.
- Customer Support: I will be next to my first customers at the beggining. But my company will grow and I will hire a dedicated person to be in charge on the customer service team.

My profile:
- My mind is entrepeneur-based
- I am a great communicator, an extravert and an amazing public speaker. This is why I am well connected.
- I love everything about Paparide. I am passionate about the concept and passionate about share our vision. Sharing economy inspires me.

My background:
- I have around 3 to 6 years of working experience.
- I am experienced within growing an online B-to-C Business
- I am a native US, fluent in English.
I want to Apply. I am sending my application right NOW to jobs@paparide.com

Communications manager
My job:
- I will be working within the head office in Montréal
- Scope: mainly in Canada, but in coordination with foreign offices within the USA and France.

I am being needed right now !
- I will create and publish great content about the company: blog articles, videos, pictures, startup, urban mobility, sharing economy, everything ! I will be telling online stories.
- Community management: I am spending time on social networks to link with the community (blog, newsletters, events, etc.).
- I will set up operations with bloggers.
- I will help with the Public Relations and advertising campaings.

What are my skills ?
- Not only I have excellent writing skills, but I am great in story telling.
- I have creative ideas to build awareness of a service like Paparide
- I have great skills in the creation of images and videos (like Photoshop, for instance)
- I am perfectly fluent in English and French
- I am startup-minded: I want to help everyone with every task including the most basic ones. I am rather driven by results than by status.

I want to Apply. I am sending my application right NOW to jobs@paparide.com, by also sending some ideas to build Paparide's awarennes and stuff I've made or written.

Full time Customer Service Agent (Montréal)
Job Description
Everyday, thousands of Paparide’s cars will be on the road and new users sign up to the service ! Paparide’s business is growing at an unprecedented pace and you will be an essential part of the team. Your contribution is at the very core of our success.
Paparide’s customer service team is at the front line to ensure customer satisfaction and an outstanding customer experience.
On a day to day basis, the team is in charge of all the relationships with our customers: they support car owners and renters with all the questions they have using the service. Our agents engage with them with a friendly and open attitude and happy to provide useful assistance to users in all rental situations (car accidents, cars breakdown, user disputes…). Our agents deal with all stress levels and welcome the opportunity to show all users the quality of our top notch customer service.
We are offering you a full time position in our Head office in Downtown Montréal.

My main responsabilities:
- Helping our users with their use and understanding of our services
- Assisting users with everything they might encounter within a rental
- Accepting the challenge of arbitrating between users
- Being the company's Ambassador by maintenaing a contact point for our users
- Doing all in my powers to improve the customer service, that being the main purpose.

My profile for this position:
- I am not running away from responsabilities and I am comfortable speaking on the phone, even though I might encounter complex clients.
- I will deliver the best of the Paparide's Customer Care value to our clients.
- I love investigating the truth, solving problems and negotiatiating settlements.
- I love working within a fast pace, friendly and open tech culture
- I am fluent in writing and speaking in English (French for the Québec activity) and I am proficient in French.

I have a bonus:
- I know my way around cars and I love them
- I am a big fan of Paparide.

I am seding my application NOW to jobs.paparide@gmail.com, attaching my CV and motivational letter, by stating the following:
- what makes me interested in the customer service department.
- why I want to work with Paparide.
- if I can, I should provide an example of "outstanding" customer service experience that I encountered.
- on the other hand, I should provide an example of a bad customer service experience that I have been suffering from. I should explain what had not been done properly and how I would make the experience better.

Please note that incomplete candidature will not be reviewed

Android Engineer

I am an experienced mobile developer. I have worked with all the components of an Android app, from client/server communication to user interface.
I am details-oriented and strive on building great software.
I want to participate in building an app that can change the mobility landscape in North America and scale to millions of users.

My role:
My role is to create our Android app.
- I will work with our mobile team to deliver great features that make car rental easy and friction-less.
- I will collaborate with the product and design team for a great user experince and perfect pixeled interfaces
- I will be there to ensure proper technical design and documentation

About me:
- Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent degree proficient in Java
- Deep understanding of the Android SDK
- Experience with RESTful APIs
- Strong object-oriented and architectural skills
- Great communication skills, fluent in English

I want to join the team. I will email jobs at jobs@paparide.com with my github username and/or links to existing projects of mine.

Airport Management Trainee
Paparide is the canadian largest peer-to-peer car rental marketplace, enabling individuals to rent cars from other individuals. We are a startup, led by an experienced management team.
We are looking for an entrepreneurial-minded college graduate to join our team as a Management Trainee to play a key role in scaling our airport operations.
An entrepreneurial drive and mindset are essential; you will be on the front lines of developing and managing a unique new business model, while providing a customer service experience superior to traditional car rental. Achieving our mission is not a one-year project; we are looking for someone who has the vision and determination to grow with us. Willingness to relocate in order to pioneer and manage new market openings is important.
While our mission and your role with us will be thrilling and will change car rental forever, have no illusions that your role and duties will be without hard work and challenges. This is car rental, with a customer satisfaction focus: you will be handling every facet of customer interaction including checking members in and out of vehicles, handling member concerns, and preparing vehicles for rent during periods of extreme demand.

- Top-notch oral communication skills
- Technology and software competence including but not limited to: Google Docs,Gmail, Excel, use of iOS devices
- Willingness to work outside standard business hours to support our members when they need it
- Outstanding attention to detail, with strong ethic of personal responsibility
- Ability to work independently with little supervision
- Personable, outgoing individual who enjoys working with people
- Ability to work in a fast paced, quickly-changing environment
- Great problem solving skills
- Customer service experience a big plus

Additional Requirements
Must be 21 years of age or older, with a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record
Must agree to submit a background check
Must be an expert driver of manual transmission vehicles
We are reinventing the carsharing industry. To apply please email jobs at jobs@paparide.com

Web Designer/ Intégrateur
Nous sommes à la recherche d'un Designer Web/Intégrateur pour se joindre à notre équipe Paparide de Montréal.

Mes responsabilités au sein de l'entreprise:
- Je conçois et j'intègre des pages et des contenus web
- Je conçois des outils de communication (brochures, publicités, présentations, PowerPoint, sites et bannières web, etc).
- Je crée/bonifie des guides de style web
- Je me charge de créer de divers contenus destinés aux réseaux sociaux
- J'assurerais la qualité pour le respect des normes graphiques et d'image de marque pour ce qui est des clients internes et externes

Mes compéténces
- Je suis diplômé en design graphique (minimum DEC)
- J'ai une expérience pertinente dans le domaine de 3 à 5 ans
- J'ai une excellente maitrise des bonnes pratiques en ergonomie (UX) et du design web
- Je maitrise aussi les meilleures pratiques en développement front-end (mobile-first, progressive enhancement, infolettres, etc.)
- J'ai une excellente capacité à intégrer des interfaces à partir de fichiers Photoshop, je les enrichis avec des fonctionnalités front-end (animations, transitions, responsive, etc.)
- Je maitrise tout ce qui est Adobe Creative (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge), et Acrobat Pro sans oublier la suite Windows (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
- J'ai la boss en HTML et CSS
- Je suis bilingue

Et j'ajoute:
- une matrîse JavaScript
- une connaissance de Framework de développement front-end (Backbone.JS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, etc.)

I want to be a part of reinventing the carsharing industry. 
I will apply NOW by sending email jobs at jobs@paparide.com

Analyste et planificateur financier :

Paparide is the world’s largest peer-to-peer car rental marketplace — think Airbnb for cars.
We’re looking for a data-driven intern with great analytical skills to join our team. You’ll help drive meaningful insights that will enable us to grow the business and continuously improve our business operations. On a rolling basis, you’ll provide analysis on past and future financial performance, informing decisions on a wide range of strategic topics, and work on structuring finance processes across the entire organization.

I want to unleash my passion by:
- Analyzing monthly revenues, gross margins, operating margins, and all their drivers
- Working on detailed financial models to help us understand historical trends and forecast future performance
- Evaluating the financial viability of expansion opportunities and new initiatives
- Participating in monthly process of forecasting and reconciling budget versus actuals
- Conducting ad-hoc analysis on strategic topics (geographies, international, insurance, etc)
- Working closely with the Analytics team to improve the quality of financial data and better monitor revenue/costs

Who am I ?

- I have a Bachelors in Economics, Business, Engineering, Math or equivalent
- I detain superior quantitative, analytical and communication skills
- I do know my way around Excel & PowerPoint
- I have experience with SQL or other relational databases; I am willing to learn a must
- I am familiar with financial modeling, accounting principles a plus
- I am passionate, intellectually curious, and able to learn quickly
- I have good business acumen; I am also able to conduct detailed analysis while maintaining a big picture view
- I have an entrepreneurial and flexible mindset, being willing to get things done in a fast-paced environment
- I have always had a positive mental attitude, by being team player with strong work ethic and good sense of humor
- Keen interest in technology, startups, growth, venture capital are my assets
- I can provide proof of previous experience in similar position or in consulting, corporate finance, start-up / technology financing.

I want to be a part of reinventing the carsharing industry. 
I will apply NOW by sending email jobs at jobs@paparide.com